Maths courses start now !!!! Education

Mar 27, 2017


My name is Hassan and i have master degree in mathematics from ibnozohr university,i have 4 years experience in teaching online maths courses by using googleHangouts, and googleDrive.
My first course is free, and it well be made using googleHangouts app, my objective of this first course is to know your problems in maths, and also show you my methods and my way of teaching maths, i use two tools for teaching online, the first one is Googledrive where i put all documents like courses, exercises, …
the second one is an online board, it’s a white board that help us for better understanding of maths concepts if they are not clear.
If you are interested, then i can’t wait to start the first course with you, contact me any time, and don’t forget the first course is free, be the one who contact me first.

Thank you.


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